Saturday 01/02

Rest Day/Letter of Intent

This Saturday is a rest day and with the new year it's a good idea to sit down and think about what your goals as an athlete are.  What do you want to accomplish and what do you need to do to get it done?  Your goal can be anything from losing some flab to winning a national championship for you rugby guys reading this (or having it read to you; front row).  Achieving your goals means committing to them completely, sticking with a good diet, never skipping training days, even when your tired/hungover/sore.  Are you mentally tough enough to get it done?  So, whatever your goals are, write them down.  Physically write them down, as soon as you do that you're beginning that commitment.  Whenever you feel like quiting or taking it easy just for one day, you can look at what you put to paper and maybe that will be the motivation you need.  Write out your letter of intent for 2010 and post it to the comments or just keep it to yourself, your choice, just do it.  Happy New Year.

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