Lift Day 3
Back Squat 3X4 80%
Push Jerk 5X3 80%
Weighted Walking Lunges 3X10 (5L5R) with 40% of 1RM back squat
Thrusters 3X5, work up to 5 rep max

Core Work
20 med ball toss sit ups w/20lbs
20 med ball lateral toss (feet off ground
Dead Bugs - (45 sec, alternate leg and arm, 45 sec, same leg and arm)


Conditioning Day 2

2 min max rep burpees
1 min rest
2min max 15 yd shuttle runs
1 min rest
2 min max reps jumping squats
1 min rest
2 min max 15 yd shuttle runs
1 min rest
2 min max reps squats


Lift Day 2

Front Squat - 3X5 80%
Push Press - 3X5 80%
Hang Power Clean 5X3 85%
Bent Over Row 5X5 80%

Core Work
Total 3 minutes of "L" sit hold.  For the "L" sit, hang from a pull up bar and hold your legs out parallel to the ground, putting yourself in an "L" shape.  The clock only runs when you are holding your position.  If your legs fall below parallel, stop counting the time.  Try and keep your legs up for at least 20 sec at a time.  If you must drop your legs more than 12 times, you incur a 5 burpee penalty for each time they drop over 12 times.


Conditioning Day 1
Tabata Run - Horrible version

Tabata intervals are 8 sets of 20secs max intensity (run as fast/far as possible) followed by 10 secs rest.  One complete set of Tabata intervals will take 3min 50sec.
For our terrible Tabata we will have three special conditions.
1. This will be performed while wearing a weight vest or a well fitting backpack filled with weight.  20-35lbs is recommended.
2. All rest periods will be spent lying face down.  You must jump to your feet at the start of each work period.

3. After completing the first set of Tabata runs, you will rest 2 minutes and go again with a second set of Tabata runs.


Practice is back in full swing so we will be reducing our workout volume to 3 lifting days per week and 2 conditioning days per week.  

Lift Day 1:
Back Squat - 3X5  80%
Bench Press - 3X5 80%
Hang Snatch - 5X3 85%
Weighted Chins - 5X4-6 85% (4-6 means range of 4 to 6 reps.  If you get 6 or more, add weight)

Core Work:
20 V-Ups with 20lb plate
20 Berry pickers w/ 20lbs (sit on butt, hold feet off ground, touch plate to ground on both sides of body to count 1)
20 weighted sit ups w/20lb