Warm Up:
Run 100m, run 100m Backwards X 2
10 squats
10 lunges
10 back lunges
10 lateral lunges
10 high leg kicks
20m high knees (focus on fast touches, pump arms)
20m butt kicks (same focus)
10 push ups
hold planche for 1 min.
10 push ups
L.W.T.Y X 10 w/ no weights

Core training:
25 sit ups
25 v-ups
25 berry pickers (feet off ground, move med ball side to side)
25 full extension bicycle crunches

3A Power Snatch 5-5-5
3B Lateral Box Jumps 5-5-5

4A Dead Lift 10-10-10
4B Inverted push ups (feet on box at least 20" high) 3X max reps

5A Weighted Chins (hold dumbbells between feet if you don't have a dip belt) 5-5-5
5B Swiss Ball leg curls - single leg 10-10-10

AFAP (as fast as possible)
8 rounds of
25 squats
200m run



Warm up:
3 min jump rope
10X Hip Thrust
        Alternate arm/leg dead bugs (lay on back, raise alternate arm/leg straight up while other arm and leg ar 4" off ground)
        Push Ups
        Forward Lunge
        Backward Lunge
        Lateral Lunge
        Clap Push ups
Alternate 3X 30 sec handstand hold/L sit hold

Core training
A15X Knee to elbows (hang on pull up bar, touch knees to elbows)
B20 sec. Hold "L" position while hanging from bar
Repeat complex twice

3A Hang Clean/Jerk 5-5-5
3B Dumbbell incline 10-10-10

4A Hang Whip Snatch (use between 45-65lb) do as many reps as possible in 00:10 - 2 sets
4B Pull ups 2 sets of max reps

5A Standing dumbbell shoulder press 10-10
5B Leg Curl Complex (using swiss ball, lay on back w/heels on top of ball.  Pull ball back to butt w/both feet then extend ball back out with only one leg/other leg extended up into air) 6ea.-6ea.

12 min. Tempo run.  Maintain 85% run effort for 12 mins.  Pace should not change at all during run.   Record distance.


First off, some clarification on the scheduling of the workouts.  At the moment there are only 3 workouts per week (ex. Mon, Wed, Fri).  The title post, today's is "M1W2D1" means M = meso cycle 1, W = week 2 and D = day 1.  I'm only doing the three per week because I know you're busy but you should be able to commit fully to at least three per week.  Additionally, get out there and play some touch, go swimming, chase loose women, etc.  Stay active!

Warm Up:
Run 200m forward, 200m backward
10X OH Squat
        push ups
        Bulldog Pointers (Bulldog position - hands and knees.  Extend right hand/left leg and vice versa)
        Bulldog Fire hydrants (raise leg like peeing on fire hydrant)
        Bulldog Hip Circles (rotate bent leg 360)
        Bulldog Straight leg hip circles (same as before but with straight leg)
        Mountain Climbers (lay on belly, alternate bringing knees up to elbows)
 5X  Clapping push ups

Core training
25X Med Ball Crunch/extend
20X Partner Straight leg Throwdowns (lay on back with legs straight up in air.  Partner pushes lags to ground)
20X Bicycle crunches (ea. leg)
25X med ball side throw/catch (ea. side)

3A Power Snatch 5-5-5
3B Lateral Box Jumps 5-5-5 (w/ box to your side, jump side ways onto and then off box then back on other side)

4A Weighted Push ups (put weight plate on back or weighted vest, 45lbs) 2 sets of max reps
4B Dumbbell snatch 5-5 (each set is 5 with each arm)

5A Good Mornings 8-8
5B Bench Press 8-8


2 mins max rep burpees
1 min rest
1 min max rep 40 yd shuttle (run back and forth a distance of 40 yds as many times as possible)
1 min rest
2 mins max rep jumping squats (squat then explode off the ground at least 6")
1 min rest
1 min max rep 40yd shuttle
1 min rest
2 mins max rep squats
1 min rest
1 min max rep 40 yd shuttle
1 min rest
2 mins max rep lunges



(1) Warm up -
1. Hip Thrust X 12
2. Scorpions X 10 ea.
3. Supine Scorpions X 10 ea.
4. Rollover/V-sit X 10
5. Air Squat X 10
6. Push ups X 10
7. Forward Lunge X 5 ea.
8. Backward Lunge X 5 ea.
9. Lateral Lunge X 5 ea.
10. Clap push ups X 5

(2) Core Training -
1. Med Ball Sit up toss X 25
2. Med Ball Partner twists X 15 ea. Lock feet
3. J-knife X 25 ea.
4. Alt. Heel touches

3A/B, 4A/B and 5 A/B are super sets.  Alternate exercises between sets.

(3A) Hang Clean & Jerk 5-5-5
(3B) Plyo Box Push Up 5-5-5 (set up 2 boxes outside hands. Dynamic push up, land hands on top of boxes. See how high you can go)

(4A) Incline Bench 8-8-8-8
(4B) Swiss Ball Leg Curl 6-6-6-6 (lay on back, place back of leg on swiss ball, contract hamstring to pull ball toward butt)

(5A) Y.T.W.L X 10 (use 3-8lb dumbbells) X 2
(5B) Bar Curls 12-12

Y.T.W.L. Explained

6 - Endurance workout.  Do 3+ hours before or after main workout

2K time trial (5 laps around track)


Pre Season M1W1D2

10 X Walkouts
         Planche Push ups
         Samson Stretch (5 ea. leg)
         Air Squats
         Scap pull ups
         Chin ups

2X20 RDL @ 45% 1RM
     20 Bent Over Row @ 45% 1RM

2X  1 min. Dead Bugs (lay flat on back, hold legs straight up w/ toes pointed back at chin.  Lower alternate leg and hand-left&right- to 4" off ground and raise back slowly. Switch off for entire minute.  don not bend knee ever)
       1 min. Plank hold (like a push up position but rest on forearms)
       30 sec oblique plank hold each side (Side version of plank, rest on one arm only and side of foot)

Endurance Work:
Run 800m, do 5 burpees.  Rest the same amount of time it took to complete - this is a 1:1 work to rest interval
Run 400m, do 10 burpees.  Rest 1:1
Run 200m, do 20 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 100m, do 40 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 200m, do 20 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 400m, do 10 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 800m, do 5 burpees.
Record total time and time of each interval for future reference.


Off Season Training

Off Season Training

Beginning today, I will be posting a program for off season training.  We will initially be focusing on injury rehab/prehab work and conditioning before moving into strength and then power programs.  These phases will follow 4 week cycles to get you ready for the season.

Rehab/Prehab Workout 1:
For all sets, do sets in order and then repeat however many times are prescribed.

3X10 Front raises
     10 Lat raises
     10 Bent over Row
     10 Scapula pull-ups

3X20 Weighted V-ups (hold med ball/weights, try to touch toes while laying on back, keep feet elevated)
     20 Berry pickers (with med ball/weights, move load from grond on left side of body to right & vice versa. keep legs elevated)
     20 Full extension crunches  (extend legs fully at every crunch)

3X15 Lateral dumbbell pick up (set a 40-50lb dumbbell a foot to the left of you. Step laterally to your left while remaing forward facing. Lateral squat down, pick up DB and return to original stance.  Perfomr 15 on each side of body)
     15 Forward Dumbbell pick up (same as before but place the dumbbell in front of you and pick up from lunge position)
     15 Reverse DB pick up (place DB behind you and reverse lunge to pick up)

4X10 Cobras (lay on belly with arms stretched out to the sides, thumbs pointing down.  Arch up and rotate arms to a thumbs up position)
     10 Archers (Maintain a tight back, arms stretched above head, legs held up off ground.  Maintain this position and rock back and forth from arms to legs)

Endurance Workout:

Tabata Run, 8 intervals of 20sec on, 10 sec rest.
Set a treadmill to an 8 min mile pace (7.5mph) and grade to 8%

Using a stopwatch or the timer on the treadmill, run for 20sec and then step off the treadmill to rest for 10 sec.  Let the tredmill run while you rest so you can hop back on again.  Repeat 8 times.  For faster runners/better conditioned players start out at 8-8.5 mph pace but do not go so fast you fail or have to grab the rail on any round.