Thursday 1/21

40m Day

Lift- B.S. 3X3 B.P. 3X3

Met-Con - Run 40m sprint 20 times.

Mark out your 40 distance, with cones or on a football field.  Start every 40 in the three point stance.  Every 30 seconds, you run a 40 so you will run your last 40 when the clock is at 9 minutes 30 seconds.


  1. Hey there,

    Found this site through your link on 70's big. I wanted to ask what you think of following Crossfit Football during the rugby season? Right now im doing CFFB + 2 practices a week + a game saturday. I'm subbing the saturday WOD with the game, and dropping off the Friday WOD.

  2. Crossfit Football works great for rugby. The only issue with it is that it's set up for game days on Sundays instead of Saturdays. To get around this and stay exactly on their programming you can just go back a week in their programming and do everything a day earlier than it would normally occur. I definitely recommend CFFB and I am a CFFB certified coach myself.

  3. That actually makes a lot of sense...do you think following CFFB plus 3 sessions of rugby a week could possibly be too much?

  4. Absolutely, I would say on days where you go to rugby practice, count that as you DWOD for the day and just do the SWOD (lifting).