Thursday 1/7

Run & Lift

Lift - BS 3-3-3  BP 3-3-3

Run - 4 X 200m rest 2X, 2 X 400m rest 1X, 4 X 100m rest 2X (rest 2X means rest twice the amount of time it took you to run and rest 1X means rest the same amount of time it took you to run)

New Programming Scheme for in season Rugby players, we will be switching to a 7 day cycle instead of a 4 day cycle to keep you in sync with game days.  The new cycle will be as follows:

Sun: Met Con + DL/Press

Mon: Met Con + BS

Tue: Met Con + O-Lift

Wed: Rest

Thur: Met Con + BS/BP

Fri: Met Con + Supplemental Lift (OHS/FS/etc.)

Sat: Game Day

For River City HS Rugby players, the schedule will be the same but shifted back a day for Friday games.  Note to UCD and River City HS, if we do a met con at practice, that counts so only do lifting on your own unless you feel up to some extra work, the exception being the day before game day, on those days I will have a shorter length met con.

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