Tuesday 12/8

2 Rounds 2 minutes rest between rounds

135lb Clean & Jerk AMRAP for 2 Minutes

25M Shuttle Run AMRAP 2 Minutes (set up 3 cones((cones A,B,C)) 5M apart.  Start at middle cone - B, run to your right at cone - C, then run back to cone -A then back to C, this completes one shuttle run, walk back to middle cone and take a couple seconds to recover)

Toes to Bar AMRAP 2 minutes (Toes to bar: hold on to a pull up bar, from a dead hang pull your toesup until they hit the bar)

What is AMRAP?  As Many Rounds/reps As Possible

Lift 3 hours before or after WOD

Squat 3X5 (add 5lb to previous)

Press 3X5 (add 5lb to previous)

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