Thursday 12/24

Rugby Total!

Find your 1 Rep max for these 4 lifts.  Do them in the the order given and this is done on the clock as well, you have 5 minutes for each lift (you should be warmed up before you start the clock).  You may not start trying for the next lift until the next 5 min period starts.

Power Clean 1RM (0:00-4:59)
Back Squat 1RM  (5:00-9:59)
Bench Press 1RM (10:00-14:59)
Dead Lift 1RM  (15:00-20:00)

... 12oz curls, max reps!

Guys, this is a team challenge, whomever gets the highest total weight will win a gift certificate to Rugby World provided I get results from at least 10 of you so get crackin!  Happy Holidays, take Christmas off.

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