Thursday 12/10


Get together with a buddy for this one, you will need a car or truck and a road or parking lot that doesn't see a lot of use.

10 Rounds

30 sec. Car push (push a car/truck as far as possible in 30 seconds, have the person at the whell hit the brake and stop the car right at 30 sec.)

30 sec. max reps burpees

30 sec. max reps sit ups

To score this workout, add your total number of burpees, sit ups and how many yards you pushed the car.

Lift 3+ hours before or after WOD

DL 5X1 (add 10lb to last)
Bench Press 5X3 (add 5lb to last)
Power Clean 3X5 (add 5 lb to last)

2010 Crossfit Games Announced!

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