Saturday 12/12

Thrusters/Shuttle Run

12-6-3 Thrusters 135lb with 60yd shuttle run in between each set

for a 60yd shuttle you will need 4 cones, in a straight line, place each cone 5 yards apart.  Starting from the first cone run to the second, then back to the first then to the third cone, then back to the first, then to the fourth cone and then back to the first, this should add up to to a total of 60 yards.  When running the shuttle, focus on good technique, stay in control, plant with both feet, keep both feet outside your body (don't lean so much you're out of control).

A thruster is basically a front squat that explodes into an overhead press.

60yd shuttle



Squat 3X5 add 5lbs

Press 3X5 add 5lbs

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