Tuesday 12/22

Power Clean Ladder

Lift - Press 3X5 add 5lbs to last press

Starting at 1, add 1 power clean each minute on the minute until you fail. Recommended weight is 135lbs

So, start the clock and do 1 PC, when the clock hits 1 minute, do 2 PCs, at 2min do 3 and so on until you fail.  If you fail before round 6, continue doing 5 reps per minute for the next 6 minutes.


100 12" Burpees for time.

Next to a wall, reach up with your hand.  Make a mark at your finger tips, then, measure up 12" from there and make a second mark.  Every time you do a burpee, you must touch the second mark with your hand i.e. burpee with a 12" jump.  If you miss the mark, the rep does not count.

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