Wednesday 2/17

Rest Day

Guys, it's getting towards the middle of the season or, for you non-rugby players who read this, the resolutions you made over New Years are getting a little fuzzy.  Today is as good a day as any to refocus on at least one thing.  For most of us, working to really dial in our diet is a great idea.  As we work through the season, we get banged up, sore and just a bit burnt out.  If you're eating a big portion of gluten at every meal (wheat, cereal grains are likely sources), you're not doing your body any favors in the recovery department.  Even though you may not feel any discomfort, your immune system is working to process that stuff which takes away from its ability to fix other parts of your broken down body.  Get your butt over to Robb Wolf's site or buy a copy of Dr. Loren Cordain's book on the Paleo diet and set yourself up for success nutritionally.

Hey, it's Ash Wednesday right?  Pretend to be a Catholic and make a commitment to 40 days of no shitty foods.

Here's a fun project to build on your off day courtesy of Dr. Ahmik Jones of Crossfit SoCal

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