Tuesday 2/9

Power Cleans/DBTM

Lift - Power Cleans - 10 -10 -10

Met Con: Death By 10 Meters.

Starting with 10m at minute 0:00, add 10m every minute until you fail.

Set up two cones 10m apart and get out a stopwatch. Start the watch and run from one cone to the other (run a total of 10m).  Rest.  When the clock reaches 1 minute, run to the first cone and back (run a total of 20m).  Rest.  When the clock hits 2 minutes, run to the far cone, come back and then run to the far cone again (run a total of 30m).  Continue to add 10m to your run on the minute until you are unable to complete the required distance in the one minute time period.

0min = 10m (1Xshuttle)
1min = 20m (2Xshuttle)
2min = 30m (3Xshuttle)

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