UCD vs. Cal


Sisu is a Finnish term loosely translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. Sisu has been described as being integral to understanding Finnish culture. The literal meaning is equivalent in English to "having guts", and the word derives from sisus, which means something inner or interior. However sisu is defined by a long-term element in it; it is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain an action against the odds. Deciding on a course of action and the sticking to that decision against repeated failures is sisu.

In the animal world, a sure sign of submission is rolling over, belly up.  What kind of dog are you?  When things get tough, frustrating, ugly; will you roll over on your belly or will you be the dog with a little sisu inside of him?  When a Pitbull has your throat in its jaws will you quit and roll over on your belly or will you keep fighting until you die on your feet?  If you quit, you're already dead, so how do you want to die, on your back like a coward or on your feet swinging?

This weekend you will need a little sisu.  Stay calm, cool and focused.  Take emotion out of the game, it will not serve you in the long run.  Out work your opponent, out tackle your opponent, regardless of how much it hurts you.  Don't focus on your pain but take pleasure in the pain you inflict.  Good luck.


  1. I just want to say I go to Cal, but I despise their rugby team, so give 'em hell!

  2. That's ok, we'll take what we can get! ;)