Friday 2/26

Speed Day

After warm up, we are going to work on sprint acceleration before lifting.

Speed Drills -
Run these as hard as you can with total recovery in between sprints
6X6 High hurdle broad jumps

Lift -
Weighted lunges, 50m w/45lb dumbells in each hand
Front Squat 2-2-2-2-2 Using lighter weights, focus on being explosive.

Also, check out Crossfit Newcastle.  They are an Australian Crossfit facility that has been working on a Rugby training protocol.  Their approach is a bit different than mine, they go 4 days on, rest day, game day, rest day for one thing.  Check it out, see what works best for you.  I advise you to always question what you are doing, see if there's another way to do it better.  Just because something is working for you now doesn't mean it can't be improved on.  So stay tuned, I may be stealing some info from them in the future!

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