What Would Chuck Norris Eat?

I get two basic questions via email over and over again; A) Are you interested in great deals on Viagra and Cialis! and B) What should I eat?  Well, the answer to A) is YES! and the answer to B) is a bit more complicated.  Every person is different both in body composition and in regards to what your fitness goals are.  For the majority of readers on this blog the answer is to become jacked and powerful so you can dominate on the rugby pitch and as Thomas Jefferson famously said "slam mad hoes".  Recently on John Welbourn's blog, "Talk to me Johnny", there was a great article titled "Just Tell Me What To Eat", in which Chuck Norris tells you what to eat and then roundhouse kicks you in the face.

"It seems that I needed some counseling, so I did what any intelligent individual would do, I contacted Chuck Norris for his views on nutrition. I asked for an accurate prescription for what I should be eating. Chuck responded and delivered the information via a mechanical winged messenger given as a gift by the Gods of Olympus..."

Read up and educate yourselves!

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