Warm Up:
Bear Crawl 50m
Bear Crawl Backwards 50m
10 Planche Push Ups
10 Cobras (lay on stomach with arms stretched out to side. Arch back and go from thumbs down to thumbs up)
10 Mountain climbers (lay on stomach, touch knees to elbows)
Flip over onto back
3X30 sec. dead bugs.  First do same leg/arm, then alt. leg/arm and then both legs and arms
10 squats
10 scap pull ups
10 pull ups
30 sec. hand stand hold

Core Training:
Hold L-sit from hanging position. Use a stopwatch and hold until failure.  Rest 1:1 ratio, repeat 4 times

3A Romanian Dead Lift 8-8-8-8
3B Dumbbell Push Press 8-8-8-8

4A Weighted Reverse Lunges (barbell on shoulders, step backwards to knee and then back up) 10-10-10 (5 on ea. leg)
4B Weighted wide grip pull ups - grip should be 4-6" wider than shoulders.  3 sets, work up to max weight you can pull for 5 unbroken pull ups

5A Weighted Dips 5-5-5
5B I.T.W.Y.  3X10 for each w/5lb plate in each hand

1K time trial w/35lb sand bag or plate

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