Sorry for the delay in between workouts guys, Friday was my 30th birthday and things got a bit out of hand.  I am mostly recovered now and I'm pretty sure every thing can either be replaced or will grow back...

Anyways, we're now on to mesocycle 2 where we will be going a bit heavier with the weights and doing crossfit style metcons more often.

For the warm ups, use the old warm ups, mix and match what works for you but don't ignore any of the movements.  Try and incorporate the muscle groups you will be using in the work out into your warm up.

Lift: over the course of 15 minutes, work up to a 5 rep max dead lift.

Metcon:  On the minute for 15 minutes: 3 DL, 3 Hand Stand Push Ups.  For DL, use 80% of 5RM established earlier.

Endurance (to be done 3+ hours before or after rest of workout): Tabata run on treadmill, use 7 min mile pace and at least 10% grade.

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