Warm Up:
Run 200m forward, 200m backward
10X OH Squat
        push ups
        Bulldog Pointers (Bulldog position - hands and knees.  Extend right hand/left leg and vice versa)
        Bulldog Fire hydrants (raise leg like peeing on fire hydrant)
        Bulldog Hip Circles (rotate bent leg 360)
        Bulldog Straight leg hip circles (same as before but with straight leg)
        Mountain Climbers (lay on belly, alternate bringing knees up to elbows)
 5X  Clapping push ups

Core training
25X Med Ball Crunch/extend
20X Partner Straight leg Throwdowns (lay on back with legs straight up in air.  Partner pushes lags to ground)
20X Bicycle crunches (ea. leg)
25X med ball side throw/catch (ea. side)

Lift: Press 8-8-8-8

Met-Con: 12 min AMRAP 3 Press (60% 1RM), 6 Pull ups, 9 Box Jumps (24")

Endurance: (note once again, endurance is always done with significant rest time before or after main workout)  1 mile tempo run, first 800m at 85%, second 800m at 95%

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