Warm Up:
Run 100m, run 100m Backwards X 2
10 squats
10 lunges
10 back lunges
10 lateral lunges
10 high leg kicks
20m high knees (focus on fast touches, pump arms)
20m butt kicks (same focus)
10 push ups
hold planche for 1 min.
10 push ups
L.W.T.Y X 10 w/5lb plates/dumbbells

Lift: Spend 20 mins working up to a 1 rep max back squat

Met-Con: Death By Back Squat
Using 50% of the 1RM Back Squat you just established, perform 1 back squat on the minute, adding 1 rep every minute. i.e. time = 0sec-1min, 1 squat.  1:01-2:00 = 2 squats. 2:01-3:00 = 3 squats... etc until you are unable to complete the required number of reps in the minute.  If you fail before the 10th minute, continue on at what ever rep you failed at until 10 minutes is reached.

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