Thursday 3/25

"May your hammer be mighty."

Lift - Playoffs are in a week and a half so in anticipation of tournament play we'll be tapering off lifting until the off season.  Met-con only from here on out.

Met-Con: 3 rounds for time, rest 2 mins after each round.  7 Power Cleans @75% 1RM, 14 inverted push ups (feet above head), 21 30" box jumps, 200m run 


  1. Jesse, re: your comments today in the Journal comments for the article about fit cf'ers.

    Whatever you may say, you blew the whole thing by lying. Sarah Pierce is awesome - she's very fit. She certainly is NOT a firebreather. My guess is she doesn't come anywhere NEAR the top half of the Nocal Qualies.

  2. Hey Alan, cool down there buddy. From the times I worked out with her she seemed like a very fit individual. I was not aware that apparently the term "Firebreather" has an absolute value. I'm sure Sarah is proud to have people like you supporting her!

    For the record, Sarah Pierce placed 37th out of 125 female competitors at the Nor-Cal sectionals. I am not a mathematician by trade but I do believe that puts her near or perhaps even in the "top half of the Nocal Qualies."

  3. I would also like to make one more correction. The Sarah P. I referred to was Sarah Pittiglio, not Sarah Pierce. I do not know Sarah Pierce. I do find it interesting that all three of the women pictured in the article were apparently named Sarah though. Weird.