Pre Season M1W1D2

10 X Walkouts
         Planche Push ups
         Samson Stretch (5 ea. leg)
         Air Squats
         Scap pull ups
         Chin ups

2X20 RDL @ 45% 1RM
     20 Bent Over Row @ 45% 1RM

2X  1 min. Dead Bugs (lay flat on back, hold legs straight up w/ toes pointed back at chin.  Lower alternate leg and hand-left&right- to 4" off ground and raise back slowly. Switch off for entire minute.  don not bend knee ever)
       1 min. Plank hold (like a push up position but rest on forearms)
       30 sec oblique plank hold each side (Side version of plank, rest on one arm only and side of foot)

Endurance Work:
Run 800m, do 5 burpees.  Rest the same amount of time it took to complete - this is a 1:1 work to rest interval
Run 400m, do 10 burpees.  Rest 1:1
Run 200m, do 20 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 100m, do 40 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 200m, do 20 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 400m, do 10 burpees. Rest 1:1
Run 800m, do 5 burpees.
Record total time and time of each interval for future reference.

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