Off Season Training

Off Season Training

Beginning today, I will be posting a program for off season training.  We will initially be focusing on injury rehab/prehab work and conditioning before moving into strength and then power programs.  These phases will follow 4 week cycles to get you ready for the season.

Rehab/Prehab Workout 1:
For all sets, do sets in order and then repeat however many times are prescribed.

3X10 Front raises
     10 Lat raises
     10 Bent over Row
     10 Scapula pull-ups

3X20 Weighted V-ups (hold med ball/weights, try to touch toes while laying on back, keep feet elevated)
     20 Berry pickers (with med ball/weights, move load from grond on left side of body to right & vice versa. keep legs elevated)
     20 Full extension crunches  (extend legs fully at every crunch)

3X15 Lateral dumbbell pick up (set a 40-50lb dumbbell a foot to the left of you. Step laterally to your left while remaing forward facing. Lateral squat down, pick up DB and return to original stance.  Perfomr 15 on each side of body)
     15 Forward Dumbbell pick up (same as before but place the dumbbell in front of you and pick up from lunge position)
     15 Reverse DB pick up (place DB behind you and reverse lunge to pick up)

4X10 Cobras (lay on belly with arms stretched out to the sides, thumbs pointing down.  Arch up and rotate arms to a thumbs up position)
     10 Archers (Maintain a tight back, arms stretched above head, legs held up off ground.  Maintain this position and rock back and forth from arms to legs)

Endurance Workout:

Tabata Run, 8 intervals of 20sec on, 10 sec rest.
Set a treadmill to an 8 min mile pace (7.5mph) and grade to 8%

Using a stopwatch or the timer on the treadmill, run for 20sec and then step off the treadmill to rest for 10 sec.  Let the tredmill run while you rest so you can hop back on again.  Repeat 8 times.  For faster runners/better conditioned players start out at 8-8.5 mph pace but do not go so fast you fail or have to grab the rail on any round.

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