Warm up:
3 min jump rope
10X Hip Thrust
        Alternate arm/leg dead bugs (lay on back, raise alternate arm/leg straight up while other arm and leg ar 4" off ground)
        Push Ups
        Forward Lunge
        Backward Lunge
        Lateral Lunge
        Clap Push ups
Alternate 3X 30 sec handstand hold/L sit hold

Core training
A15X Knee to elbows (hang on pull up bar, touch knees to elbows)
B20 sec. Hold "L" position while hanging from bar
Repeat complex twice

3A Hang Clean/Jerk 5-5-5
3B Dumbbell incline 10-10-10

4A Hang Whip Snatch (use between 45-65lb) do as many reps as possible in 00:10 - 2 sets
4B Pull ups 2 sets of max reps

5A Standing dumbbell shoulder press 10-10
5B Leg Curl Complex (using swiss ball, lay on back w/heels on top of ball.  Pull ball back to butt w/both feet then extend ball back out with only one leg/other leg extended up into air) 6ea.-6ea.

12 min. Tempo run.  Maintain 85% run effort for 12 mins.  Pace should not change at all during run.   Record distance.

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