Just a heads up, this coming Sunday, the 25th, I am putting on an event for one of my Rec classes at Sac State.  My event is the Mega-Race.  It will be awesome.  So here's the deal; we have the CSUS aquatic center reserved from 12-3.  Show up, ready to go by 12.  At 12 we will have a brief recap of the course and boating safety.  At 12:30, the race starts.  To race, you must be in a team of two (2).  the cost is $20 general public or $10 with student I.D.  Cash or check, paid at the event/day of race.  So, what do you get for your $20/10?
The race begins with a 400m Partner carry.  One person can carry all the way or you can switch at your will, makes no difference to me.  the only rule is that you may not advance if more than one person is touching the ground.  At the end of the partner carry, you will arrive at the dock where you will get in to your tandem kayaks (that's right, two person kayaks, awesome!).  There will be a 1.5k course marked with buoys that will take you to the other side of Lake Natomas.  Once there, you will carry you kayak (no dragging!) across a bike trail to a boat check area.  After dropping off your kayak, you will either begin your trail run or, if you are in the Crossfit division, pick up your 35lb sandbag and start your run.  For the Crossfit people, you get one (1) 35lb bag to carry per team.  You may carry it however you like between the two of you, switch off, one person carries the whole way, you each hold a corner the whole way, I don't care.  You just need to arrive back at the kayaks with your sandbag at the end of the run.  The run is challenging; it begins with an ascent of Rattle Snake hill, a 300m section with 15-30% grade before leveling off into rolling hills of single track style trail running.  The run course is approximately 2.6 miles long loop.  At the end of the loop, you will arrive back at the kayaks and paddle for the finish line, a straight shot back across the lake.  As soon as the tip of your kayak crosses into the boat slip area, you are done.  We will have some food and an awards ceremony on the beach by the barbecue pits once everyone is back.

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