7's Rugby

Stanford 7's Rugby Prep

Welcome back UCD Ruggers, you've had a few weeks off but now we need to get ready to play some 7's.  For those of you without much experience in the 7's game, it is a very different animal.  A well played game of 7's rugby will push you physically harder than anything I can think of.  The two reasons for this are A) the time domain.  A game of 7's is made up of two 7 1/2 minute halves.  With a game this short, you don't get to take a break and walk around behind the ruck.  The  7 1/2 minute time domain is brutal, think about running a mile as fast as you can while having to tackle someone every 30 seconds, then rest for a minute and do it again.
B)  7's is hard because guess what?  You only have 7 players on your team and you're covering a full size rugby pitch.  there are no off plays in 7's, you have to be moving, on offense and defense the entire time.  It is very possible you will run the length of the field up to 10 times in a half... and then do it again the next half.

Ok, 7's is miserable but here's the good thing, 7 1/2 minutes is a time domain we can really focus on and train to.

7's Workout #1

8 Mins AMRAP
Buy in, 100m sprint on the minute
10 burpees
20m shuttle

What's a buy in?  A buy in means you must complete this movement at the beginning of each minute before doing any other work
What is a 20m shuttle?

What does AMRAP mean?
As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible

So, the best way to do this work out is; go to a rugby field with a stop watch.  Starting on one goal line, start your timer and sprint to the other goal line.  Start doing as many sets of 10 burpees and 20m shuttle runs as you can (use the goal line as you center cone for the shuttle).  As soon as your timer hits 1 minute, sprint back to the other goal line and repeat.  Continue for 8 minutes.  Rest a couple minutes and do it again if you want to simulate a whole game.


  1. hey great blog, I have played rugby for years in the UK and I have found that here is one way to prepare best for sevens and that is simply playing sevens. Try and set up as many inter-team matches or friends as you can. I am sure sevens is the sport that game time is the most important! Good luck for your season.

    Barney, London

  2. Well said Barney, you're absolutely right! I think this is much more true than in the 15 a side game.